Baby Moccasins

by Emily Umentum

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Tuesday night found Phyllis Wyse laying out the materials for the first-ever baby moccasin class at the Art Center! After students were settled in, Phyllis began by explaining a bit about the history of moccasin materials and construction.

 As nobody had brought their baby along, we began by tracing and cutting a standard baby foot pattern out of cardstock.

Then, carefully laying the pattern out on the leather, so as not to waste any!

When everyone finally cut out all their pieces, the real challenge began: sewing through all three layers of the toe of the moccasin and puckering the lower layer evenly!

In the end, we all had the beginnings of a moccasin! Our class continues Friday evening from 5-7, and we plan to all have a pair of baby moccasins (albeit without the beadwork) just like the ones pictured below!